Larder "CSR" Subscription


COMMUNITY SUPPORTED RESTAURANT subscriptions feature Larder Meal Kits, and some surprises. We've sold out for December, January, February,  March, and April. Subscriptions are now available for May. You can also, optionally, add a local produce share of fresh organic veggies that compliment our meals, as well as Larder desserts or farm eggs.

"Meal Kits" are pre-cooked, ready to heat-and-eat dishes, made from scratch, using local (within 100 miles) organic ingredients. Dishes change weekly, and will always include a protein rich main dish, and a vegetable accompaniment. They're an ideal way to have a delicious and healthy meal at home, ready and waiting for you. Each kit is accompanied by detailed cooking instructions.

To advance our environmental values, starting in April all subscriptions will come in reusable containers with a $50 deposit, refundable at the end of the subscription and the return of the containers.


1 Meal Kit for 2 People
Pick-up once a week for 4 weeks
$128 ($16/person)
    Optional ADD-ONS: 
    + $54 Organic produce from local farms (3 varieties, $13.5/week)
    + $33 Weekly dozen Kitchen Girl Farm eggs (15% discount)
     + $28 Larder desserts (for 2 people, each week)


2 Meal Kits for 2 People
Pick-up once a week for 4 weeks
$230 ($14.40/person, includes 10% discount)
     Optional ADD-ONS: 
    + $80 Organic produce from local farms (4 varieties, $20/week)
    + $33 Weekly dozen Kitchen Girl Farm eggs (15% discount)
     + $28 Larder desserts (for 2 people, each week)


2 Meal Kits for 4 People
Pick-up once a week for 4 weeks
$452 ($14.14/person, includes 12% discount)
     Optional ADD-ONS: 
    + $80 Organic produce from local farms (4 varieties, $20/week)
    + $33 Weekly dozen Kitchen Girl Farm eggs (15% discount)
     + $28 Larder desserts (for 2 people, each week)

Questions? Read our FAQ

You can expect to see Larder favorites and new recipes we'll be developing. Produce shares will include things like: peas, asparagus, herbs and tender greens, from regional growers like Moon Valley Farm, Lancaster Farm Fresh, and Baltimore City's Strength to Love Farm. This plan will help us get through a challenging year and help you stay safe by eating at home. It will also support our staff and the farms we work.

—Helena, Joseph & the Larder team

Larder CSR Subscription FAQ

How do I pay for my subscription?

After you submit the form above with your options, there will be a link to follow where you can complete and pay for your order using a credit card or Google pay in the secure online shop. If you don't see the link above after submitting, you can follow this one to get to the same payment page.

What if I’m vegan?

We will have a different vegan option each week. Vegan Meal Kits are only available in the Small size (1 dish/week). The Large and Family sizes can be made vegetarian.

What comes in each meal kit?

Each kit will include full meals including a protein rich main dish, a vegetable-heavy side dish, and seasonings, sauces or toppings. A family of 2 with a baby that just wants one meal taken care of per week would likely order the Small size. A single person who doesn’t want to cook much at all could order the Large size and spread the two meals out over 4 days. A family with a couple of young enthusiastic eaters in the house who wants meals covered 2 days of the week would be well suited for the Family size, but so would a couple that wants to spread the two meals out and eat them over 4 days.

What if I need to skip a week because I’m out of town?

Unfortunately we can’t put vacation holds on the weekly meals because they are perishable. You are welcome to gift your subscription to a friend and have them pick-up in your absence.

Will there be any interruptions in the pickup schedule due to Holidays?

The weeks of Christmas and the New Year we will offer pickup options for earlier in the week. You will receive an email with details in advance.

Can I buy other things on your website and pick them up at the same time?

Yes! You can always purchase anything regularly offered on our website. We will also be sending out weekly emails with special items available only to subscribers.

What time can I pick up my order?

Pick-up times are Friday 3-7pm, and Sunday 10am-2pm. Please choose one or the other when you sign-up.

Can I change my pick-up day after I've already ordered?

Yes, please notify us by Thursday, end of day, each week, and if it's a one-time or recurring change.

Can I buy this as a gift for someone else?

Yes! The form includes a place to submit information for a gift subscription. We will email you when you sign to pay for the subscription, and email the gift recipient to coordinate pickups.

Square says I can pick up in November? Can I?

No. That is just the default way the online store works. If you choose Friday your first pickup will be December 4th, if you choose Sunday it will be December 6th. You should be able to choose these dates from the drop down menu. Don’t worry about picking a time. All subscriptions will be ready to pickup starting at 3pm on Friday and 10am on Sunday.

What kinds of vegetables will come in the organic produce share?

Between hoop-houses and storage crops, there are a great variety of vegetables available during the winter in our region. Carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, braising greens, potatoes, winter squash, fresh herbs and lettuces are just some of the possible options. We will choose a selection of veg we think would nicely compliment the meal you are getting from us, in case you want to add a homemade side to what we’ve made for you, or just want to make sure you get a good variety of vegetables in your weekly meals.

Can I microwave the meals?

Yes, though we don’t recommend it. The ideal way to heat our meals will be in the oven or on the stove-top for best results. But you can always microwave them if that is your preferred method.

Do you deliver?

Not currently, though we are considering adding delivery service if there is high demand. Please feel free to email us if that is a deciding factor for you. Items purchased from our website can be delivered with a purchase of $75 or more from our neighbors Angels Ate Lemons if ordered is placed by 9pm on Wednesday. Delivery takes place between 1-6pm on Thursdays.

Is everything you make gluten free?

Yes and no. We do not allow wheat flour in our kitchen. All of the baked goods we make in-house are gluten free and the pasta we use is gluten free. We do sell bread from Motzi Bakery and occasionally use breadcrumbs or croutons made with their bread in some of our dishes. Please be sure to mark your allergies on your subscription form so we can be sure to account for them in your meals.

I live alone, which size is best for me?

The small size is great for one person, and should provide enough food for you to make two meals from your weekly subscription. The large size will also work for you if you want to spread to meals out over four days.

What are your COVID safety practices?

We take COVID safety very seriously. Everyone who enters our building is required to wear a mask. We conduct regular health checks with our staff, who all know they must stay home and get tested if they are feeling any COVID symptoms. We wash our hands more frequently than normal, which is already a lot in a professional kitchen. We pack in paper bags and boxes, which are not hospitable to the virus. We regularly sanitize all work surfaces and our ventilation system keeps air exhausting out of our building constantly. When you enter our facility through the open-air courtyard you must wear a mask. 

Are all of your containers compostable?

Yes, though not in a home compost setup. We work with Baltimore Compost Collective to take our compost to an industrial facility that can break-down compostable containers. We are currently working with them to offer a local pickup for customers and anyone in the neighborhood who is interested. Please email us with the subject “Compost Pickup” if you are interested.