This Oaxacan green corn comes to us via a long miraculous journey. Over 2000 years of indiginous selective breeding for color, flavor and nutrition. 🙏🏼 Then seed sent from farmer friends in Northern CA to farmer friends @gooddogfarm in MD. Now swimming in delicious spicy citrusy broth in our 3 Sisters Pozole #larderlunch #nixtamal #oaxacangreencorn #pozole #ingredients
Always nice to spot a Larder sticker out in the world! Open Tuesday for lunch 11-4!
Collaborations bring new ideas and energy, just what we need to start a new year. Here are a few dishes from our sold out 6 course NYE supper in collab w/ @boreela ... #ticketedsupper #roaringtwenties #ClamsButtermilkDill #CornedDuckGrilledPomelo #TempehSchnitzel #ChocolateLicoriceCake 📸 by @triedandtruerecipes
Chocolate Buckwheat Meringue Cakes (with a brûlée’d mandarin and a sprinkle of sumac) fresh out of the oven... on today’s lunch menu.
Our first day back! Brunch on over, for an early start to 2020. We’ll open early at 10am tomorrow, serving a special menu to get this new year started off right. #wakeandbrunch #2020willbebetter #breakfastofchampions #tadanoriyokoo
So many moments of joy at the Larder these last months. Thanks for the last days of 2019
We forego #wurstnight this friday to fight back the chill with deep winter stews. Our friends @merakitchencollective will have Iman’s Syrian styled okrah with beef and white bean stews bubbling away in the food truck. LARDER will have Irish Stew and flatbread with hummus cooking out on the courtyard hearth. @faden.sonnen will happily get you toasty with cider spiked with your choice of Japanese whisky or aged rum. #deepwintercomfortfood #winterwonderland #stewweather #warminside #events
Six Course NYE Dinner 
In collaboration with @boreela 
Limited to 22 people
DM or Email us for reservations:
Early on in planning LARDER we wanted to find a way to talk directly about access to good food. How do we buy sustainably grown organic ingredients from small scale farms and keep our prices affordable to a broad spectrum of customers? Today we put our first sliding scale item on the menu. We’ve done this with workshops and now we are offering a sliding scale price for our Irish Stew. It’s hearty, warming and nourishing on a cold rainy December day. $8 covers the cost of ingredients. $12 covers ingredients, labor and overhead. $16 covers ingredients, labor and overhead as well as making the $8 scale possible. Let us know your thoughts on this experiment... and our stew! #payitforward #ballymaloeirishstew #slidingscale #deepwintercomfortfood #menu
Back by popular demand! Sunchoke and leek soup. So creamy you’d never guess its vegan! Served with sunchoke chips, pomegranate seeds and fresh cracked white pepper. #deepwintercomfort #sunchoke #jerusalemartichoke #foodforever #menu
Drying flowers is a great way to bring some of the color of autumn into winter. These are gomphrena globosa from @strengthtolovefarm thanks to our pal @mayasugiyamawalsh
A little holiday magic: BRUNCH this SUNDAY 9-2, with Jack & Zack Food. Come for the locally sourced ingredients, omelettes, grits, bacon, stay for the @partnerscoffee #miracle blend brewed to perfection by @sophomorecoffee #breakfastvortex #jackandzackfoodlives
Sunchoke, aka Jerusalem Artichoke will be the star of the dish I’ll be cooking this Tuesday 6pm - 8pm  in DC @foodforever2020 a forum on what foods we need to be growing and eating to adapt to and combat climate change. I’ll be offering a sunchoke soup recipe alongside dishes from @EquinoxDC @emiliesdc @plumedc @eatyourpizza @ekibenbaltimore @TheDailyDishDC @TheDishandDram @truechesapeake @erikoberholtzer #fooddiversity #foodsecurity Tickets available here: 
Super big thanks to our new friends at @compassrose_dc who feasted at Larder today, accompanied by natty wine from @faden.sonnen and coffee by @sophomorecoffee
Oyster Chawanmushi special on the menu today. Savory Japanese Egg Custard with hidden treasure in each bite. #brunch #chesapeakebay #localflavor 📸 by @triedandtruerecipes
Happy Thanksgiving ✌🏼
We’re savoring this delicious natural wine from our neighbors at Fadensonnen... who have opened up a bottle-shop! We’re so damn grateful to have neighbors who give us access to the best natty wines from around the world.
Our holiday-season line up of WORKSHOPS! Come out and learn from some of our favorite farmers and makers. All workshops are hands-on and you take home the results! Sign up on our website, link in profile. @moonvalleyfarm @twobootsfarm @heythanksherbalco
LARDER will be closed this Thursday November 28th for Thanksgiving. On Friday we will be closed for lunch and OPEN for dinner service 5-9pm. Also stoking the fire Wednesday November 27th for pre-feast grilled oysters. Come introduce your grandma to natty wine @faden.sonnen and fermented food at Larder! In the meantime enjoy this turkey lurk from McBride Gill Falcon Ridge farm’s three big boys. #turkeydance #guardiananimal #turkeylurkey #tomturkey #freerange
Pickle bowls!  Maybe the best way to sample the dozens of pickles we make in house at LARDER. #lactofermentation #picklesforever #foodpreservation
We keep selling out of this house lacto-fermented habanero hot sauce... so made an extra big batch, ready to add some heat to your holidays. #hotsauce #hotdots #fieryferments #habanero peppers grown in MD by  @moonvalleyfarm
Some of you have noticed that our pendant lights are milk-glass dishware, a saucer, plate, bowl, and cup. Designed and fabricated by our buddy @youroldpaljim but based on the classic mid-century design of Danish designer Poul Henningsen #LouisPoulsen
Hey GF Eaters! Did you know we bake for Sophomore Coffee every Saturday and Sunday? Our best GF Focaccia, Frittata, Cakes, Cookies and sometimes the Apple Galettes shown here. #eatgfree #Socle #pastries #gfbaking @sophomorecoffee
Wow, check out this “Sushi / Bread” knife by @hyde.handmade He’ll be hanging out at LARDER to demonstrate knife skills and sharpening techniques today starting 11:30am until 1:30. ⚔️
Huge thanks to @srdanaher and @eckerdesignco for painting our new sign today.