@mdveganeats Vegan Restaurant Week inspired us to put this tempeh burger together and its back this weekend Friday & Saturday 5-9. Nestled on a @motzi.bread sesame bun slathered with house-made vegan mayo, charred coriander dill pickles, @moonvalleyfarm tomatoes and farm fresh lettuce. Served with house-made blue potato chips seasoned with our oregano salt. Yum, yum, yum. This is a soy-free tempeh made from lentils, quinoa and brown rice. @amaranth_bakery sesame buns availble for our GF friends. This burger got rave reviews from omnivores and vegans alike. Come get one! And grab a frosty glass of wine, sake or beer from @faden.sonnen while you are here! #tempehburger #quinoa #brownrice #belugalentils #plantbasedbaltimore #veganbaltimore #veganmayo #burgernight #bluepotatochips photo: @fleetstreetwriteup
We are back! Join us Friday/Saturday 5-9 for a very special pop-up with @asankabaltimore featuring their flavor packed Merguez and Bastilla sausages. Bring your vegan friends too, we will be bringing back ‘The Donny’ - our housemade tempeh burger on a @motzi.bread sesame bun. We are spiking our vegan mayo with @asankabaltimore Obeah pepper sauce for an extra kick. Sweet and spicy salad will be in the mix as well! #Merguez #Bastilla #Berber #Obeah #madeinbaltimore
Join us Saturday August 1st, 5-10pm in the courtyard for a special @mdveganeats menu featuring our beluga lentil, red quinoa and brown rice tempeh. Seen here getting dressed for the grill! More menu details to come. And of course beer, wine and sake from @faden.sonnen will be flowing freely. #plantbased #tempehburger #marylandveganrestaurantweek #veganbaltimore #figleaf #grilllife
Cucumber Raita, our first collaboration with @chefdjneal  and @goodneighborshop - cucumbers from @gooddogfarm and cilantro from @strengthtolovefarm smothered in yogurt spiced with @goodneighborshop house chaat masala blend. Working with owner Shaun Chopra’s family recipe as inspiration, @chefdjneal dehydrates his own mango and tamarind to give their blend authentic acidic zip. Black salt gives it a volcanic earthy funk. Our version is made with @moonvalleyfarm felicity peppers which have the green flavor you crave but with no heat. Slather it on a burger, top a bowl of rice and lentils or add a dollop to a cold beet soup. #cucumberraita #hing #amchoor #blacksalt #ajwain #coolingfoodsforsummer #chaatmasala
We blend grass-fed beef and bison with garlic and preserved lemon for our super flavorful burgers, bit the secret is hidden in the center. A quarter inch thick sliced of roasted organic golden beet. Keeps the meat super juice and cuts down on the amount of meat in your meal. Win win. Available in our online store, link in profile. #lessmeat #beetburger #bisonburger #grassfedbeef #reducemeatconsumption #preservedlemon #eatlocalbaltimore #madeinbaltimore
Loving this poster that appeared just down the street from the LARDER sometime in the last week by @laborcamp
We’ve since learned there are several more up and down Charles St... Time for an art hunt! #publicart #protestcontinues #wanderthecity
What are the flavors of summer from local Maryland farms? Well, at first blush, this Sour Cherry Galette comes to mind. We have just four left today... but will bake off a fresh dozen tomorrow. See you for Brunch, 10-2 #soakupthesummer #galettes #baltimorebrunch #sourcherry
Roasted golden beet hummus. Get yours online today... pickup Sunday 2-6! Hangout in the courtyard at newly reopened @faden.sonnen for a drink while you are here! #hummus #goldenbeets #tahini #secretingredient #plantbased #buylocalbaltimore #supportsmallbusiness
They’re back! Every year we shell as many peas as we can and ferment them with garlic and chiles. They are perfect for tossing in a pasta salad, or any salad for that matter. Available now in our online store under the newly created LARDER PICKLES section. #pickledpeas #fermentedfoods #lactofermentation #lactofermented #pasillamexicana #eatyourpeas #eatlocal #eatwiththeseasons
Summer salads are here! Grilled Romano beans from @gooddogfarm and @lancasterfarmfresh Beauregarde purple snow peas tossed in a vegan pesto made from @moonvalleyfarm African blue basil, sunflower seeds, mustard greens, and pickled kohlrahbi. As delicious as it is beautiful. #picnicfood #summerbounty #beauregardesnowpea #romanobeans #grilledveggies
Order goodies for your holiday cook-out online now for Friday pickup 2-6! Potato, Celery, Masala Bacon Salad // Tahini Chicken Salad with Fermented Green Cherry Tomatoes & Kohlrabi // and so much more! Link in our profile. Special Friday hours 4-8 @angelsatelemons too. We’ve got you covered! #celebrationfood #potatosalad #tahini #tahina #tahinichickensalad #bmore2gether #picnicfood #supportsmallbusiness #buylocalbaltimore #madeinbaltimore #summerbounty
Jarring up last summer’s grilled okrah pickles. Time has brought the flavors of bay, allspice and cardamom into harmony not unlike a cave-aged wine.  Perfect compliment to a char-grilled burger, brat or tempeh burger (we’ve got those for you too!). Look for them online starting Wednesday. #lactofermented #okrahpickles #okra #cardamom #allspice #summervibes #summerfood #saltfatacidheat
Pão de Queijo for Pride! This traditionally GF Brazilian cheese bread is made from cassava flour. We created a rainbow using beet powder, turmeric, nettles, chile piquín and butterfly pea flowers. All rainbow pão sales will go to benefit @bmoresafehaven an organization in our neighborhood working to provide outreach, drop-in and housing services for Baltimore’s most vulnerable LGBTQ+ community members. Sold frozen with instructions to bake at home because they are best fresh out of the oven. #baltimorepride #rainbowpão #paodequeijo #translivesmatter #blacktranslivesmatter🌈
Thank you everyone who has been brunching with us, these last two weeks. Thank you for wearing masks, thank you for maintaining social D, thank you for keeping others safe. We will continue with outdoor seating for brunch this weekend, Sat & Sun 10-2. Online sales of hummus, bean conserva, frozen meals, and house made sundaes continue this week with pickup Sunday 2-6. Masks from @jess_schreibstein are back! As well as a restock of outdoor spray and tinted lip therapy from @priyameanslovebodycare Stay safe, sing while you wash your hands! 🤍🖤#baltimorerestaurants #bmore2gether #eatlocalbaltimore #outdoordiningbaltimore #baltimorebrunch #thankyoubaltimore
Good morning! We’re celebrating summer solstice 🌞 with our Sweet & Spicy Salad, topped with smoked bluefish, seeded crumble, cukes, radish, and nasturtium flowers. See you for Brunch 10a-2p #baltimorebrunch #saladforbrunch #smokedbluefish🍴 #happyfathersday
Happy Juneteenth! New online this week.... roasted beet hummus with lemon thyme and olive oil. #beethummus #celebrationfood #lemonthyme #veganbaltimore #plantbased
Most of our pickles are pure veg and celtic sea salt, but we made an oyster garum back in January so we’ve blended that into a paste with pasilla chiles, garlic, ginger and rice flour to make a napa cabbage kimchi that will be packed with earthy umami flavors. Check back in a couple of weeks! #oystergarum #kojigarum #garum #nomaguidetofermentation #pasillamexicana #kimchi #napacabbage #microbemagic #lactofermented @culturesgroup
We made golden cakes as part of a fundraiser for @baltlegal and @blackyield organized by @cai_n_pepper (more info in his IG profile) @charmcitynightmarket and @peabodyheightsbrewery. Show up at Peabody Height Brewery Sunday June 14th 1-4 to get baked goods (social distancing in effect, wear your best mask!) and other treats from talented Baltimore chefs and bakers. Support black leaders and organizers in our community who will use your dollars to continue the work they have been doing and continue to do. And we will do more. #thisisjustthebeginning #blacklivesmatter
After careful deliberation, and implementing extra precautions we’ll be opening for Brunch, 10a-2p on Saturdays and Sundays, starting tomorrow. Outdoor seating only, we’ll post the menu in the morning. It looks like sunny and 80° tomorrow.  #brunchisback 
For those who prefer to eat at home, we continue Online Ordering for pick-up  2-6p on Sat & Sun.
@baltimorecompostcollective “is a youth entrepreneurship program that trains participants in workforce skills, food access programming, and community-scale composting in the Curtis Bay neighborhood of Baltimore. It provides first-time employment and life skills mentorship for area youth, giving them experience working with a green start-up enterprise that they learn to run.” #amplifymelanatedvoices pictured: Kenny Moss photo @baltimorecompostcollective
Forget everything you know about tempeh. A cherished staple food in Indonesia, it is traditionally made by growing mycelium (mushrooms) on soy beans. Our newest version is made with beluga lentil and brown rice. We’re also including spicy curry pickle brine with each order. Use it as a marinade or just throw it in for steam once your skillet is hot. You will never want a store bought veggie burger to darken your table again. #soyfreetempeh #unpasteurized #livingfood #vegan #plantbased #tempeh  @shortmountaincultures
Introducing Miso Shortbread Cookies!
Lots of new treats on the online store including these little beauties. #misoforever @whiterosemiso
The shop is stocked with all kinds of goodies for your holiday weekend. We just made a new batch of nettle furikake, this time in 4oz jars for all you addicts out there! And if you plan to work in the garden, we’ve got some exciting pepper varieties from @moonvalleyfarm to brighten your plots! #furikake #bisonburger #pepperplants #helios #ajicrystal #ajidulce #madeinbaltimore #eatlocalbaltimore #springdelicacies
Our favorite #twin chefs are back! with 2 south Indian meals on our take-home-and-heat menu. Chicken or Cauliflower Curry with Peas Pulav. #mealkits @vannakam.baltimore ✌🏼